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30 Stock availability on all the products illustrated in this catalogue cannot be guaranteed, however, any out of stock product can be ordered and a lead time may apply. Glues & Adhesives AMOS - GLUE STICK BOSTIK - GLUE STICK PRITT - GLUE STICK BOSTIK - CLEAR GLUE BOSTIK - PRESTIK BOSTIK - CRYSTAL CLEAR TAPE BOSTIK - SUPER CLEAR TAPE BOSTIK - INVISIBLE TAPE BOSTIK - DOUBLE SIDED TAPE Ref No Code 823 TLAMS05022R Ref No Code 825 PS10620 Ref No Code 827 HK645811 Ref No Code 829 PS10520 Ref No Code 831 PS11015 Ref No Code 845 PS11088 Ref No Code 843 PS11082 Ref No Code 844 PS11086 Ref No Code 846 PS11089 Ref No Code 824 TLAMS05035R Ref No Code 826 PS10625 Ref No Code 828 HK645812 Ref No Code 830 PS10560 Ref No Code 832 PS11020 CLEAR TAPE MASKING TAPE Ref No Code Description 833 - GS1701601 12mm x 33m 834 A GS1701606 12mm x 50m 835 - GS1701603 12mm x 66m 836 B GS1701604 18mm x 50m 837 C GS1701605 24mm x 50m Ref No Code Description 838 A GSMT1240 12mm x 40m 839 B GSMT1840 18mm x 40m 840 C GSMT2440 24mm x 40m 841 D GSMT3640 36mm x 40m 842 - GSMT4840 48mm x 40m 22g 25g 22g 25ml 50g 18mm x 20m 18mm x 20m 2 Pack 18mm x 20m 18mm x 10m 35g 36g 43g 25ml Gel 100g with Stickers l i n e Did you know? Earliest known example of humanity using natural glues comes from 200,000 years ago. Our ancestors in old Italy used birch-bark-tar to bind stones together. First written record of glue comes from the Ancient Egypt. One of the earliest examples are hieroglyphs that show a casket of Pharaoh Tutankhamun that was glued together with a compound made from animals. One of the most important moments in the history of glue happened in 1942 when the American inventor, Harry Coover managed to accidentally create substance cyanoacrylate, which is today widely known as superglue. He released it for commercial use in 1958. A A B C D B C PRITT - WOOD GLUE Ref No Code Description 706 HK1936625 100ml 707 HK170357 2L 708 HK170345 5L ALCOLIN - COLDWOOD GLUE Ref No Code 704 PS04140 Ref No Code 705 PS04191 125ml 5L BOSTIK - ART & CRAFT GLUE Ref No Code 702 PS11740 Ref No Code 703 PS11748 100ml 1L